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Bed Bugs - Bottom of Couch - Hilton Head

Bed Bug Excrement

Adult Bed Bug and Nymphs.

Beaufort Bed Bugs Control
Heat Treatments in Beaufort
yuck bed bugs face,hilton head
Yuck !

We provide Sensor Bed Bug Dog inspections and also Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments in the Beaufort,SC. Area. 

Sensor Bed Bug Dogs
bed bug dogs checking hotel room, hilton head
Sensor Dog checking hotel room headboard

Our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs are specially trained to respond to live bed bugs and eggs. They do not respond to other insects and excrement. This allows us to accurately define the absence or presence of Cimex Lectaurus (Bedbugs) in a structure. The scent of bed bugs is as prevalent as we would know the difference between red and blue. Vision is our main sense and sometimes it is difficult to understand the dogs olfactoral talents.

Bed Bug Evidence
bed bug excrement,hilton hea
Bed Bug Excrement Marks on Sheets

When Bed Bugs are present they only feed on blood. Their excrement marks resemble a Sharpie Marker stain as they make a permanent stain in cloth and wood. As the above picture shows you will commonly find numerous excrement marks in areas where they are nesting.

We have many years of experience with Bed Bugs and we have completed thousands of heat treatments successfully. We have treated Hotels, Senior Living facilities, Assisted Living, Theatres, Dialysis Centers, Men and Womens Recovery Centers and many more industries.

Heat Treatment prep checklist
Preparing For A Heat Treatment.
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Bed Setup Heat Treatment Hilton Head
Bed Setup for Bed Bugs Heat Treatment in Hilton Head, SC.
We Exterminate and Control Bed Bugs - Hilton Head - Bluffton - Beaufort

We only use Electric Thermal Remediation Heat Equipment which is made and designed for Bed Bug Elimination and Control. In almost all situations we can Exterminate Bedbugs in the Hilton Head Area with one treatment.

All of our Trucks or Trailers have Built - In Generators that supply the power for the heaters. We run a cord from the unit usually through a window and tie in the heaters and start it up.

Albeit the treatment takes generally 5-6 hours and must be prepared for properly. However bed bugs have no resistance to temperatures above 118 degrees. We are generally heating at 130-135 through most of the process. It usually takes 1-1/2 hours to heat the area up above 118 degrees. Once we get above kill temperature we bring fans in which simulate a convection oven effect. We continually enter for a few minutes to inspect and also to adjust fans. While waiting on heatup we need to have all items and furniture away from walls 2 ft so we can use a containment spray around inside perimiter of walls.We treat electric outlet plates and any other cracks or voids that could contain bed bugs to give us some residual. When the temperature rises any bed bugs will scrable-run to try to find a cooler place. Our technicians watch this occur which gives away most of their hiding spots. We also use encasements on mattresses and box springs to ensure success. We offer a 60 day warranty and will make sure that your infestation is eliminated.

Bed Bugs Mattress Hilton Head
Infested Mattress Hilton Head Bed Bugs

This is an article I wrote with PCT magazine about a large job we completed in Atlanta, Using Thermal Remediation Equipment. over 5,000 sq ft. infested as bad as we have seen.

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